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Chevda Mix

Chevda Mix is a crunchy Gujarati snack made from flattened rice, nuts, spices, and raisins, offering a mix of spicy, tangy, and sweet flavours.

Cornflakes Chevda

Crunchy, spiced, and utterly moreish, a delicious snack blend for everyone.

Fully Gathiya

Our Fuly Gathiya provides a light, airy crunch, ideal for a simple yet satisfying savoury snack.

Home Made Chevda

Classic Indian Chevda Mix, delivering savoury crunch and flavour for a tasty snack.

Nylon Sev

Finely textured and crispy, perfect for adding to your snacks or enjoying on its own.

Papdi Gathiya

A light, crunchy snack, seasoned just right for an authentic Gujarati taste.

Papdi Sanchar

Experience the tangy and spicy twist of our Papdi Sanchar, a crispy and flavourful snack.


A crunchy snack, perfect for adding a savoury bite to dishes or for snacking on its own.

Sev Mumra

A blended snack with the crunch of sev and the lightness of puffed rice.