We're not just a brand, we're a family.

Our Values

Committed to upholding our core values every day.

Quality & Consistency

From sourcing premium ingredients to maintaining strict hygiene standards, we place quality at the heart of everything we do.


We hold fast to our cultural roots, offering a range of products that reflect traditional flavours, crafted with a dash of modern flair.

Ethical Approach

Integrity is non-negotiable. We are committed to ethical business practices, from transparent sourcing to fair employment.

Customer Satisfaction

We go the extra mile to ensure you are fully satisfied, offering a hassle-free return policy and responsive customer service.

What is Halal and Why It's Important to Us

Halal means 'permissible' in Arabic, and in the world of food, it shows that a product has been prepared following Islamic law. But for us at Tayyabah, it means even more.


We go out of our way to source only Halal meat that meets high ethical standards, ensuring each product we offer respects both taste and tradition.

Culture Fusion

We're proud to offer Halal versions of British favourites and bring new fusion flavours to the table. In a market where Halal choices can be limited, we aim to fill that gap.

In a market where Halal choices can be limited, we aim to fill that gap, ensuring that everyone can enjoy great food that aligns with their values.

Craftsmanship Behind Every Bite

Go behind the scenes with our short video to witness the dedication that goes into creating Tayyabah’s renowned products.

From selecting top-tier ingredients to employing expert baking techniques, our commitment to quality is evident at every stage of the production process.

Meet The Team

Irfan Patel

Operations Director
Headshot of Irfan Patel, Operations Manager at Tayyabah

Shoaib Patel

Sales & Finance Director
Headshot of Shoaib Patel, Director at Tayyabah

Hasan Kharwa

Production Manager
Headshot of Hasan Kharwa, Production Manager at Tayyabah

Nadia Mohammed

Technical Assistant
Headshot of Nadia Mohammed, Manager at Tayyabah

Ammaarah Patel

Marketing & Social Media Executive