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Our Halal frozen food range offers ready to cook meals that are perfect for quick service without sacrificing taste.

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12 Meat Grills

Savour perfectly seasoned lamb for a mouth-watering and succulent experience.

12 Meat Lollies

Deliciously seasoned meat skewers perfect for grilling or barbecuing

12 Meat Sausages

Versatile and filled with delicious flavour, it’s ideal for a variety of meals.

14 Chicken Grills

Juicy and tender with a delightful blend of flavours and spices in every bite.

14 Chicken Lollies

Skewered for easy cooking, our Chicken Lollies pack a flavourful punch for tasty meals.

14 Chicken Sausages

Quality chicken and savoury spices create a delicious, lean option for dinner.

4″ Round Puff Pastry

Ideal for creating personal-sized pies and tarts with a beautifully flaky texture.

4″ Square Puff Pastry

4″ square pastry for mini pastries, baking into a light, flaky treat.

5″ Round Puff Pastry

5″ round pastry puffs to golden perfection, ideal for mini pies and tarts.

A Taste of Britain

Britain is a country known for its love of pies, pasties, and sausage rolls. At Tayyabah, we asked ourselves—why should these favourites be out of reach for those looking for Halal options?

It's this question that inspired us to create our special range of frozen foods. We provide Halal versions of British classics. From chicken and mushroom pies to chicken tikka pasties, our fusion offerings bring the best of both worlds to your table.