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12 Meat Grills

Savour perfectly seasoned lamb for a mouth-watering and succulent experience.

12 Meat Lollies

Deliciously seasoned meat skewers perfect for grilling or barbecuing

12 Meat Sausages

Versatile and filled with delicious flavour, it’s ideal for a variety of meals.

14 Chicken Grills

Juicy and tender with a delightful blend of flavours and spices in every bite.

14 Chicken Lollies

Skewered for easy cooking, our Chicken Lollies pack a flavourful punch for tasty meals.

14 Chicken Sausages

Quality chicken and savoury spices create a delicious, lean option for dinner.

4″ Round Puff Pastry

Ideal for creating personal-sized pies and tarts with a beautifully flaky texture.

4″ Square Puff Pastry

4″ square pastry for mini pastries, baking into a light, flaky treat.

5″ Round Puff Pastry

5″ round pastry puffs to golden perfection, ideal for mini pies and tarts.